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Frye Sully Boat Shoes


Feel thrilled in this super attractive Frye Sully Boat which poses a great combination of classic designing with modern materials. The style is though traditional, but different color combinations and materials used in the construction have made it versatile and unique from others. High quality leather upper has been used in the exterior that entirely changes the look of this boot and make them worth watching. This boot contains the traditional lacing system with three eye lets that helps to have a perfect fastening and also looks nice. The laces and the stitching details on the vamp and heel have added a pinch of versatility in its traditional looks. Not only that its look has been enhanced, but its comfort level has also been improved. The insole has a padded foot bed to ensure a complete comfort area to your feet. Besides that it is also lined with soft leather which makes your feet feel cushy the entire time. These boots are perfect for covering long distances because they offer your feet great cushiness which allows you to wear in these for hours. They are also very light so your feet will barely feel any burden on them which is helpful when you are out for shopping. They can be worn even without socks as they shock away the moisture and cause no odor to your feet, So if you are in a rush just slip your feet inside these and you are ready to go. If you desire to have a perfect fit then tie up the laces according to your need. The outsole is build up with strong and durable rubber that is flexible enough to mold with your feet while walking offering a perfect support and helps to walk on different kind of surfaces. It is available is a huge range of colors. All colors are equally attractive and available in many contrast, so one boot can go with so many outfits. You get a lot of variety to choose from. Its weight is 13 ounces and the available colors are these: Tan / Soft Pebbled Full Grain , Red Wood / Soft Pebbled Full Grain, Olive / Soft Pebbled Full Grain, Navy / Soft Pebbled Full Grain. Dark Brown Multi Smooth Pull On, Burgundy Smooth, Blue Smooth, Blue / Multi Smooth Pull Up.


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All Reviews

PO/Nur worker from New York

I wear my boots to nursing school. I figured if the were light enough they would go with my white uniform, but they turn out to be beige, so far I haven't been sent home. But they are very warm, no air gets in, but could be a little larger, hopefully they will stretch

Traveling Lady from New York City

Although I bought the Mount Holly's as protection against winter's freezing rain and snow days, they are so warm, lightweight and comfortable that I've been wearing them everyday in this cold weather. It hasn't rained or snowed yet but they are my #1 go-to boots!

Sarasowda from Sweden

I just bought these boots for cold weather use. After wearing them several times in 3F (-16C)degree , snowy weather I am really pleased with how warm the kept me, how great they were to walk in and how stylish they look. I would totally recommend these if you need to keep your toes warm and feet stable.

3xaCharm from New Jersey

Fabulous! I love rainy weather but cannot stand cold wet feet. These boots allow me to enjoy the rain with warm cozy dry feet (extra thick socks not necessary and my feet do not sweat with regular socks). BONUS: These boots have become an instant hit with everyone who spots me wearing them, EVERYONE! I own the Green/Dark Brown pair.

LuvMyTims from Brooklyn, NY

This is the best snow boot I have ever owned. So comfortable. Love the side zipper and laces so I can fit a variety of pant widths, thicknesses under the boot. Very stable, looking forward to traversing the NYC streets after a heavy snow when it takes forever for the plowed snow banks to clear off side walks and cross walk areas which can be treacherous. My only complaint is that the area of the duck part of shoe is a little tight on my mid foot like where my toe bones connect to foot bones. I think I can wear that in though and can't wear thick socks, but I don't need the extra warmth of socks because the boot is SO WARM.


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