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Dark Brown Vintage Tumbled Full Grain Boots


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Frye Veronica Combat Black Pebbled Full Grain Suede


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Donnie from Kashiwa, Japan

It's really cute. It goes well with almost any weather and outfits. I fell in love with mine when I first got it. I also own docs and if you love docs and boots you'll definitely love this, too. It's a bit pricey (but worth it) but I most definitely would recommend it to anyone!
And if you're purchasing the shoes I recommend that you get a size or so smaller. My shoe size is 6 and i ordered 5 and 1/2 wide and it fits perfectly!

Matilda from Arlington, VA

These boots are just what I was looking for and did not disappoint. My only complaint is the lining on the top in the toe portion. Because it is fabric it does not allow the foot to slide easily into the boot without a lot of effort. You have to allow enough room in your sock so it doesn't pull and cramp the toes. Also, rubs a little where the tongue is sewn to the upper.

Marlonpalo from Costa Rica

I'm blue collar I have been my whole life I'm a 35 yr old female that has to wear work boots I've been wearing men's timberland pros for 10 yrs my feet have flattened and I was hoping women's boots would help with my foot pain but I'm disappointed they are very stiff they don't have the padding of the men's and the sole is thin compared to the men's I feel the nuts and bolts I step on threw the boots with s&h the boots cost me [$] I can buy men's for $104 at [@] I will not be buying the women's boots from u again

Sexymom903 from Brooklyn, NY

These boots came at the most necessary time ever. These boots are waterproof and warm and with the snowstorms we have been getting they have done there job. My daughter didn't like them but after she saw them on me she liked them.

AngelAD from Staten Island, NY

I was looking all over for a good waterproof boot and was going to buy ugghs but when I saw the prices I said forget that, then at a store I went to they had these exact boots but no more in my size so I decided to go online which I have never bought shoes online before for I have a very narrow skinny feet and skinny legs. I had read everyone's review some say get them bigger and others say they are true to size. Well that depends in my case they were true to size for I usually wear a 9.5 to 10 but got the 9.5 and have worn them non-stop. They fit me perfectly even with or without 2 pairs of socks, they are so comfortable and you don't get overheated wearing them indoors, I like the fact that they are laced so I can pull them in tighter to my skinny legs and makes the boot sturdy that your feet are not slipping out of the boot, and the best with all the nasty snow we have been getting here in NY my feet have gone through deep slush puddles and I come home with my feet dry and happy. They are worth the price and believe me your feet will love you for it.


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